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Medical Doctor

Dr. Götz LEHLE

+39 348 54 31 041


 Dr. Götz LEHLE is a Medical Doctor, diplomate in Manual Medicine ( FAC, Germany )


His exams and treatments are based on an orthopedic base, adding holistic techniques like Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Injury Recall Technique, Feldenkrais and others.


He is visiting clients regularly in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New-York, other than in and around Florence, Italy where he lives


He has a lot of experience in movement, being a Feldenkrais teacher and from many years of competitive sports, of circus and theatre.


His Holistic approach helps to find out the real cause of problem :


A gall-bladder problem that creates pain and instability in the left knee ?

Problems of the digestive system giving low back pain and sciatica ?

Bad alignment of the teeth (malocclusion) as cause of headaches and pain in the cervical spine ?

A food intolerance causing headaches?

Neurological « memories » of and old trauma causes postural problems ? Etc.




  • all orthopedic (non-surgical) problems, so as back pain, slipped disc, diaphragmatical hernia, arthritis, « tennis elbow/golfers elbow », sports medicine, cranio-mandibular problems, postural problems, scoliosis and scoliotic attitude.

  • physical problems of musicians and dancers ( connected to the profession )

  • headaches, vertigo

  • all situations of post-surgical rehabilitation ( of the muscular-skeletal system), pre surgical preparation

  • functional problems of the digestive system (also food intolerances)

  • for all ages, from babies to old people ! Very useful also for pregnant women and just after birth giving 


They start with an orthopedic-neuromuscular-osteopathic exam, followed by the appropriate treatment. If he only has the chance to see the client once, the session will be dedicated more towards « putting the client on the right track », finding out about the « real » causes of her/his problem and explaining how to continue, although there will always be also treatment.




  • 1st consultation : 1h - 150€

  • Follow-ups : 120€

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