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Integrative Psychotherapist

Liesbet Plissart has been working as an Integrative Psychotherapist for the past 17 years.

Her practice is holistic and the therapeutic relationship is at the centre of it. For you as a client this means that rather than applying a particular approach she will adapt the therapeutic relation to your needs. This is underpinned by a coherent theory that enables her to integrate intervention methods based on different models grounded in recent research (developmental psychology, neurobiology, affect regulation, …). She uses her vast knowlegde and experience to support your personal journey  to integration. She is respectful of your individuality and adapts the therapeutic relation to your specific affective, cognitive, fysiological and behavioural needs. She offers support to those aspects of your personality that feel lost, small and lonely. And she believes, stimulates, challenges and invites you to build on those spects that feel strong and solid. The goal of integrative psychotherapy is that the quality of your “being” and “doing” is optimalized as well psychologically, interpersonally as at a socio-political level. Liesbet integrates several aspects of body-oriented psychotherapy in her work as needed.


  • Masters Pedagogical Sciences - Clinical Orthopedagogy (KULeuven)

  • Masters Integrative Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute London (validated by Middlesex University and accredited by United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). 

  • Certified Coach “Inspirerend Coachen”, Center for Self Management, Brussels

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Nangten Menlang Buddhist Medical Center, Vienna, Austria


  • Neurobiology and its Applications for Psychotherapy

  • Processing the body

  • Mindfullnes Based Stress Reduction

  • Working with depression

  • Affect regulation and Disorders of the Self

Next to her activities as a psychotherapist she is also :

  • Supervisor (Primary Supervisor, Metanoia Institute)

  • Teacher at the Postgraduate Programm « Professional Coaching » of the Artevelde Hogeschool, Gent

  • Freelance Trainer for IVC

​She holds the European Certificate for Psychotherapy and is a member of the Association Belge de Psychothérapie/Belgische Vereniging voor Psychotherapie

What is coaching? 

Coach and coachee engage in a dialogue as EQUAL PARTNERS.

During our sesions I offer you my unconditionnal and unprejudiced attention. 

I aim to EXPAND YOUR ABILITY TO PERCEIVE YOURSELF AND YOUR SITUATION by asking questions. I want to stimulate your ability to act from YOUR OWN CENTRE OF POWER, to be inspired to tackle the questions you are confronted with and to continue to develop personally and professionally. In this proces you are the one who determines what the RESULT is you want to obtain. 

My starting point is a fundamental belief in your ability to grow as a person. I offer support where necessary and often I will challenge you and maybe even confront you.

Are you interested in seeing what we can do together? Contact me.

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