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Mihaela OSTAFE

Coach & Wellbeing Counsellor 


MIHAELA is a good mood deliverer, a gentle guiding voice for refreshing and healthy choices.

She's an active coach, personal trainer and nutritionist (general nutrition, healing approaches and sports nutrition). 

She also has a background in communication and team training strategy.


She is a passionate mountain hiker and cyclist, always happy to spend as much of her time as possible outdoor.​​​ 


Currently Mihaela is also working as a trainer and nutritionist for the European Parliament Sports Club.

She can support you in English, French and Romanian.


Coach & Wellbeing Counsellor 


NICKY practices sports since a young age. He is a former European champion and medal winner in billiards, a sports where mainly mental and technical abilities are being tested. Alongside billiards he has always practiced passionately many other, more physical sports, such as cycling, running, badminton and strength training

His main beliefs are that each part of the body supports the rest, and a trained body and mind are inseparable, supporting continuously each other in creating amazing results. 

Nicky is a personal trainer, motivation coach and massage therapist, currently also giving Spinning classes in several clubs in Brussels and Zaventem.

He can assist you in Dutch, English and French.

We believe that walking on a true well-being path and living a healthy life are strongly linked to several aspects: 

  • Proper NUTRITION : diverse, natural, balanced, provinding you energy, supporting your body at all times and decreasing inflammation

  • A well adjusted BODY TRAINING : involving cardiovascular and strength training, with  respect for the current state of your body and planned to build up gradually

  • A  number   of   LIFE   SKILLS,   i.e. your​  ability  to  plan  well your  time, anticipate,  emphasize  and communicate  effectively, in all the  areas  of  your life

  • MIND  TRAINING​,  using  techniques that  help  you   changing   the  current patterns of your mind and support you  better in  each aspect of  your  life,  increasing  your inner  power  and confidence

  • RELAXATION  of   your   body​and  mind,  by   using  breathingtechniques,  stretching  and​massage

All these factors work together, and just one of them functioning poorly will affect directly the valuable work of the others, potentially causing a range of undesired effects in your life: from a low immunity system to anxiety, from weight gain to hormones misbalance, from relationship issues to insomnia, etc.


You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. 

Decide to use this old-you knowledge in your advantage: 

keep the good, let go the bads and start working to create a stronger, better version of yourself!


You need a good plan, awareness, perseverence and ...time. Believe it, the results are bound to show!


​Let us assist you in this amazing journey!


We are based in Brussels (Belgium), where all our classes, seminars and one-on-one sessions take place, and online coaching is available for all the services above (except body training in the start-up phase), making it possible for you to stay in touch with us and to have our support from where ever you are in the world.

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