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Yoga Therapy

I propose private consultations in Yoga for an adapted practice in order to have therapeutic effects.

If you have chronic pain, anxiety or stress, metabolic disorders for which you have not found a solution, a regular and adapted yoga practice can significantly improve your quality of life.



Yoga can be an effective way to prevent illness and balance the body, the breath and the mind: it uses physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve overall health and activate self-healing resources of your body


Even a weekly practice can improve your overall fitness, posture and flexibility. Incorporating a practice into your daily routine can do more than that and dramatically improve your quality of life.


Some potential benefits of yoga:

• increased flexibility and strength, improved coordination and posture

• reduced muscular and skeletal/ articulation troubles, especially in the case of neck or back pain

• alleviation of cardiovascular diseases, especially in the case of high blood pressure and heart rate

• relaxation, better stress-management

• improved self-confidence and focus/ concentration

• higher level of energy, less fatigue

• better sleep

• improved digestion & metabolism

• strengthening of the functions of the immune system

• aids especially well in the case of chronic deseases like diabetes, asthma

• alleviation of side effects of chimio and radio therapy


Yoga Therapy is an approach that is relatively new and yet unknown in Belgium but in some countries like India, the US and Germany, the preventive aspects of yoga are already officially recognized. More and more studies are demonstrating the benefits of yoga on health and quality of life. If you have chronic pain, a state of anxiety or stress, metabolic disorders and you have not found relief, a regular and adapted practice yoga can be the solution.




2015 Yoga Teacher (4 years- 540 hours) in Viniyoga (Krishnamasharya' tradition) 2018 Yoga Therapist, trained by Dr N. Chandrasekaran ( Desikashar's student, The Viniyoga Healing and Research Center) ( 3 years – 500 hours)

2018 15 days practice in Yoga Therapy, Chennai, India, Dr N. Chandrasekaran consultation practice. 2019 Shiatsu :2nd year

2013 Thai massage : intermediate level, Yves Delattre

2018 Anatomie palpatoire: trained by Katia Abbondanzieri

2017 PrenatalYoga : trained by Pascale De Keyser



1st consultation : 1h-1h30

Follow-up : around 1h

Price : 70 euros

Cancellations 48hours in advances

Consultations possible in French, English, Greek, Spanish

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