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Barbara Rillaers


Passionate about human relations and personal development, I have received intensive training in a large number of subjects integrated into a regular therapeutic practice, e.g.

  • Non Violent Communication

  • Individual Coaching

  • Active Listening

  • Healing of Inner Wounds

  • Descent into the Unconscious Nodes

  • Mediation, Conflict Resolution

  • Foot Reflexology

In my practice, I have realized that all these therapeutic approaches yield better results when the brain is in a receptive mood. Indeed, our brain tends to function optimally but when the central nervous system loses strength its functions become less effective. In this line of research, my personal journey led me to discover the technique of Neurofeedback and its beneficial effects.

I received my certified full training in the NeurOptimal® method at Corinne Fournier's School, in Paris.

This valuable tool, as a starting point or as a complement to other therapeutic treatments allows an effective approach of very different disorders. Dynamic neurofeedback will help you deal effectively with stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, learning difficulties, insomnia, lack of concentration, migraines, chronic pain, and more. And it does so without taking drugs or producing side effects. Although Neuroptimal® is not in itself a medical treatment, most users feel relieved of their physical, mental and / or emotional symptoms. As for professional athletes, students and musicians, they experience an improved performance.

During a session of NeurOptimal®, you sit comfortably and listen to music or watch a musical film. I attach clips to the ears and two electrodes at the top of the head that record your brain waves. Music responds to brainwaves with brief interruptions when the system detects flaws in your brain functioning. These interruptions enable the brain to self-correct and self-regulate and move on towards more relaxation and efficiency. After a 35-minute session, you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and in a state of superior mental presence. Over the course of the sessions, this state extends further as the brain has been trained to a better functioning.

My initial training being that of a linguist and translator, I will be able to receive you in French, Dutch, Spanish or English.

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Médecine conventionnelle et alternative

Cabinet médical où nous combinons médecine conventionnelle et approches alternatives pour traiter les aspects biologiques, psychologiques, sociaux et spirituels de la santé.

Dr. Liesbeth DENEF

Médecine Intégrative

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Dr. Liesbeth DENEF

Médecine Intégrative


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